Established in 2004, Ploy Center Co., Ltd. is under the management of Mr. Suwatchai Chuabanlue and a team of well-rounded professionals.  With over 12 years of experience in gemstone industry, Mr. Chuabanlue has accumulated his expertise in the gem and jewelry market worldwide.  Ploy Center has striven to acquire the finest resources from their best sources, such as ruby from Burma and blue sapphire from Sri Lanka or Madagascar.  Ploy Center supplies cut stones to gemstone dealers and jewelry manufacturers all over the world, from the United States and Europe to Asia Pacific.


Ploy Center divides an operation into two sections; wholesale and showroom.  Wholesale section is designed to fulfill trade buyers’ and jewelry manufacturers’ specific needs in design, volume, and value.  Intertwined with our wholesale division, we also have showroom section to satisfy various needs of retailers and end users.  This showroom section thus carries a wider variety of products including cut ruby, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, fancy color sapphire, cabochon ruby and sapphire, etc.